Make a Difference

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself through service to others.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Do you sometimes feel a restlessness or an urge to be part of something larger than yourself? Do you have a passion for making a difference in the world? This inner prompting is a call to serve – to support a cause you care about or to help others who are in need.

By making a positive difference in the world, you affirm your spiritual connection to all people and all life, raising your consciousness and the consciousness of everyone around you. 
It is a state of peace within that makes the difference when you give in service to others. Whether you are preparing lunches for the homeless, providing meals in shelters, cleaning up a watershed or giving teddy bears to children in hospitals, it’s not what you do that is as important as who you are while doing it.

Being of service to others is what life is about

Local Social Action

Supporting Mother Earth and Father Sky

Environmental Social Action

Peace is possible

Peace Social Action

Our Spiritual Social Action projects are calls to action to serve the larger community in ways that are meaningful to you. If there is a project or need that you are passionate about and would like to take action on, contact the office to discuss starting a new group.