2021 Board of Trustees Elect


This year, three positions were filled on the board. All three positions have 3-year terms (thru 2023).

You may learn about the three Board Members Elect who have generously stepped forward to serve on our board through the candidate written statements and YouTube Video posted below:



Rose Falgout

I am a native Northern California having grown up in Mendocino County and have lived in the Bay Area since 1999. I love it here and appreciate all that this great state offers as well as the beautiful weather and surroundings.

My life has been one of growing, searching, learning and expansion to experience this life in all of its wonder. I was exposed to God, Creator at an early age but did not actively start seeking until later.

In 2002 I had a profound spiritual experience that ‘caught’ my attention… They do that don’t they?... and my life hasn’t been the same since! And it’s been a glorious ride!

My attention was brought to a changing and evolving of my purpose, my beliefs and how I operate in the world. Through reading many teachings by mystics, clergy, etc I was brought to a place of profound truths.

Then I came upon the Filmore’s teachings and began to incorporate the five basic principles with results that changed my life for a deeper understanding of my relationship with God / Creator, universal love, selfless service and the opportunity of co-creating all by using the affirmative. Soon I found myself at Unity of Walnut Creek and began to attend regularly appreciating the teachings and fellowship.

I would like to serve on the Board of Trustees at Unity of Walnut Creek as a form of service in the capacity of a leadership role in order to participate in the creation of a vision for the future and implementation of that vision. It would be an honor and a privilege to gather, pray and be guided to action for the fulfillment and continuation of the Myrtle’s vision here in the Bay Area.

I believe my background in Marketing Communications would lend itself to assisting with future plans as well as my approximately 20 years as a Toastmaster where I increased my communication and leadership skills. At this time in my life, I’d like to give back in a greater capacity (leadership role) as part of a legacy of grace, love and appreciation so I chose to submit my application for consideration as I believe Unity of Walnut Creek holds the values and beliefs I hold in my heart to be of the upmost importance.


Rick Waggener

I have been a member of Unity of Walnut Creek since 1998.

I was born and grew up in Michigan and met my wife Karin while we attended Michigan State University. Shortly after we married in 1977, we left Michigan and settled in Southern California.

We lived mostly in the City of Orange, where our two now adult daughters, Lacey and Chelsea, were born. I worked for the Orange County Probation Department.

We attended the First United Methodist Church of Orange, where I served for a couple years on their Board, until we moved to Walnut Creek in 1997. Here we found Unity of Walnut Creek, which has been our spiritual home ever since.

For the most part we attended the 8:00 am Meditation Service, until it ended a couple of years ago.

I worked here for the Contra Costa County Probation Department, as the Street Gang Specialist and later as a Supervisor. I officially retired in 2011 but have since worked part time on and off for the department.

Although I have been involved in various activities here at Unity, I have never served on the Board. I do feel drawn to do so at this time and I feel I have things to offer.

I have served as a Heart Minister and continue to serve on the Prayer Team, praying regularly for those on our Prayer List.

After retiring, I began attending the Noon Meditation and Prayer Service regularly. I have been a regular meditator for decades and believe it to be a key part of my spiritual growth and development.

I would describe myself as what Robert Brumet recently called “interspiritual,” in that I seek to draw from a number of different spiritual perspectives.

In my experience with Probation, I often worked with difficult people and regularly dealt with challenging problems. I feel we as a Unity Center, as well as a society, will be facing significant challenges over the coming months and perhaps years. I am nevertheless optimistic about this and believe this also offers the opportunity for some momentous positive changes for all of us and our collective consciousness. 


Veronica Wolfe

Unity of Walnut Creek has been my spiritual home since 2000 (or thereabouts).

As a timid Sunday service attendee, it took 2 full years before I ventured out to the patio. Once there, I proactively volunteered my expertise to the ministerial search committee and created and facilitated a process that didn’t previously exist.

My ministerialsearch.com program resulted in greater efficiency, ease and confidence in bringing both Rev. David and Rev. Kristin to UWC.

Currently, I am an advisor to the Board of Trustees, I also co-lead the Prayer Chaplains, I am an active healing night provider and the founder of the Tuesday night Spiritual Growth Circle.

I conquered a severe fear of public speaking and served as a platform assistant for Sunday services for 7 years.

Since 2007, I have wholeheartedly volunteered as a workshop / class leader, group facilitator and leader for various Unity programs and initiatives, including Love in Action, 2020 Vision and 2020 InSight.

As a former corporate executive and consultant with Fortune 500 experience, I have held leadership positions in accounting, human resources, operations and technology where I successfully launched corporate programs, deployed enterprise technologies and led large-scale corporate change initiatives.

Now in private practice as a certified leadership coach and a spiritual life coach, I occasionally consult on large-scale organizational change projects. I love this community and have experienced countless insights, aha’s and touching moments here. I have healed and grown through significant adversity, and in doing so, have gained skills that can further support UWC.

I hope that my presence as a board member will foster a sense of continuity and confidence for the community, while simultaneously allowing me an opportunity to hold the spiritual high watch of who we came here to be as UWC.”

I have 2 grown children and recently returned from a month-long trip to help my daughter and grandchildren relocate back to the East Bay.

More about Veronica: https://www.linkedin.com/in/veronicawolfe/