Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for upholding the spiritual purpose of the ministry and the highest interest of the membership. In this regard, the Unity of Walnut Creek Board operates differently than any other board you know of. The Board of Trustees is committed to holding the vision of God’s good for this spiritual community and every person in it. 

Made up of nine elected members and the lead minister (see pictures below), the Board meets monthly, usually on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. on Zoom:

Zoom Meeting Link: Click Here

Meeting ID: 812 5062 5849
Passcode: 12345

All are welcome to attend. Meeting minutes are posted on the internal Unity Connects or may be requested from the Board president. The minutes include the monthly financial report from the treasurer.

The year next to each name is the year that member's term ends (as of December 31). Advisors serve only for the calendar year in which they are appointed; the term ends on December 31, regardless of how long they have served.


2023 Board of Trustees

Richard Flander (2024)


Board Member Dimitry Doronkin

Chris Gomes (2024) 

Vice President

Board member Carl Janzen

Carl Janson (2024)


Susan Angelos

Rose Falgout (2023) 


Board Member Tricia Linden

Casey Doronkina (2025)


Patricia "Cat" Hill (2025)


Sarah Pohl (2025)


Denae Legion (2025)


Board member Rev. Kristin Powell

Rev. Kristin Powell

Lead Minister