Create Peace

"By choosing to go within rather than react, I experience the peace of God.
From this space of peace, I respond to life with love.” – Daily Word

Peace on earth begins with peace in each personTo create peace in the world, your personal transformation is needed. A change in consciousness in an individual is more effective than attending a peace rally or lobbying the government.

By making changes in yourself to be more peaceful, your interactions with others become grounded in harmony, respect, generosity, compassion, and understanding. The effect ripples out to your family, your community, your nation and the world.

Unity’s teachings are designed to help you develop personal spiritual practices that help to build a state of peace within. You are invited to join us as we actively seek to change the consciousness of lack, fear, conflict and discrimination in our personal lives and in the world to one of peace and harmony.

Social Action

While Unity teachings focus on providing spiritual support of individuals, you are also invited to join us in strategically selected community projects that offer the experience of meaningful service. Watch the Sunday bulletin, the Calendar, the Upcoming Events page, and the newsletter Centerpoint for announcements of upcoming classes, workshops and events on these topics, as well as opportunities to volunteer in support of them. If there is a project or need that you are passionate about and would like to take action on, contact the office to discuss.

In addition, we actively support other organizations working toward a change in consciousness in the world, including:

  • HeartMath®, which teaches heart-centered living.
  • BePeace™ and the Connection Practice™ through Rasur Foundation International. BePeace provides tools to stop emotional reactions that separate, and offers a way of communicating that is cooperative, not adversarial. Unity of Walnut Creek has supported the delivery of BePeace training to all children in Costa Rica so they can lead their nation in modeling peace for the world. 
  • Nonviolent Communications (NVC), which promotes harmonious and supportive communication. A weekly Communications Coaching group is available so you can practice speaking from the heart, without blame or judgment.
  • The Season of Nonviolence, which runs from Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday on January 30 to Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on April 4.
  • The Unity World Day of Prayer, which has a different theme each September.

The Peace Wall

Unity of Walnut Creek’s commitment to world peace is symbolized in the Peace Wall that graces our grounds. Erected in 1999, the Peace Wall tiles and its installation were done by Unity of Walnut Creek volunteers as a component of the World Wall for Peace.

Tiles from the Unity of Walnut Creek Peace Wall
Peace is an extension of ourselvesPeace radiates out into the worldLaughter is good for the soul
Peace in our heartsFlower powerPeace for Mother Earth