Diablo Valley Gratitude Circle*

Fridays at 11 am

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” ― Meister Eckhart.


Open your heart even more, deepen your gratitude further! Our one-hour meetings include: personal sharing, chanting, meditation, art, movement. Practicing Gratitude leads to becoming a presence of Gratitude. It leads practitioners towards greater heights of enlightenment and oneness. Information is shared from multiple sources:

  • Gratitude: A key to happiness (Paperback book by Marilyn Smith @$15)
  • Participants’ personal experience
  • Scientific research in fields of psychology, medicine, social science
  • News Media
  • Public courses, workshops, and symposiums

Background: Gratitude Circles have sprouted globally, inspired by the Universal Gratitude Movement. Marilyn Smith’s book (above) is our essential text.

Our practices embrace four pillars of Gratitude: appreciation, respect, reverence, joy. Diablo Valley Gratitude Circle first held meetings here at UCWC on 9/6/2019.


Jeffrey Remis - Gratitude Ambassador, Teacher of Taoist Spirituality, member UCWC and volunteer, healing team Wednesday night.

Love offering of $10-$20 per session suggested. We accept PayPal & Gyve



Diablo Valley Gratitude Circle - Fridays at 11 am

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Meeting ID Number: 851-5333-4104

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By phone: +1 669 900 9128 (local)

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