For general information, call the office at (925) 937-2191 or email For prayer support, see the Prayer Support page.

  • For questions about teaching classes, contact the Curriculum Coordinator.
  • For questions about presenting a workshop, contact the Presenters Team.
  • To inquire about playing music at Unity of Walnut Creek, contact the Music Director.
  • To inquire about selling a book or product in the bookstore, contact the Bookstore Purchasing Coordinator.
  • To rent our facilities and grounds for an event, contact the Facilities Manager.
  • To see the Unity business directory from 2009, click here.
  • For questions or suggestions about the Unity of Walnut Creek website, send an email.
Rev. Kristin PowellLead Minister(925) 937-2191
Office Manager
Facilities Manager, Wedding
Coordinator; Weekly Centerpoint
(925) 937-2191email Office
Felicia McBartonMinisterial Assistant(925) 937-2191email Felicia

Michelle Cicala

Youth Education Director(925) 937-2191email Michelle
Mike McGarveySunday Morning Coordinator(925) 937-2191email Mike
Ron SalazarLicensed Unity Teacher email Ron
Ann Goode and
Lisa Shumar
Bookstore Purchasing(925) 937-2191 
Richard FlanderBoard of Trustees, President(925) 550-7458email Richard

Annie Love

The Care Network email Annie
Jeanne FusonCurriculum Coordinator(925) 934-6411email Jeanne
John NicholsInformation Technology email John

Lisa and Tyler

Music Directors(925) 937-2191email Lisa and Tyler

Garrett Riegg

Presenters Team(925)
Scott Salser-SmithWebsite Team(415) 999-5754email Scott
Licensed HeartMath® Providers 
Pamela AasenLicenses: HeartMath Certified
Trainer, Coach/Mentor,
Cut Thru® Provider

(612) 991-4419

(925) 446-6425

email Pam
Donna BedfordLicenses: HeartMath Coach(925) 932-6825email Donna
Carolyn Janson
Licenses: HeartMath Coach, 
Resilient Educator Instructor.
Advanced Training Specialties:  
Stop Emotional Eating, Cut-Thru®
(925) 825-4704email Carolyn
Sandy Stober
Licenses: HeartMath Coach, 
Resilient Educator Instructor, 
Resilience Advantage, Skills for 
Personal and Professional
(925) 768-2684email Sandy
Eline Zimmerman
Licenses: HeartMath Coach, 
Resilient Educator Instructor, 
Cut-Thru® Provider
(925) 370-9308email Eline