The Divine Radiance of Qigong - Online

With Kaleo and Elise Ching

Three Saturdays: May 23, May 30, & June 6, 2020

9:30 am to 10 am


The Divine Radiance of Qigong Qigong (energy cultivation) is a Taoist shamanic practice based on Chinese Medicine.


In this series you will learn:

- Acupressure points to enhance your immune system.

- Qigong techniques to release toxic energy and cultivate and radiate healing energy.

- Qigong meditations to connect deeply with nature and the Divine.


Fee: Love Donation for Unity.  


May 23: Qi Blessing/Radiating Qi for sharing healing energy.

May 30: Qigong breathing and acupressure points to release toxic Qi and enhance your body’s energy and immune system.

June 6: Qigong Sunning Meditation for joy and intimacy with nature and our Divine Creative Source.

Kaleo and Elise Ching have cotaught “Qigong" and “Art as a Healing Process" for John F. Kennedy University (31 years) and many other institutions nationally and internationally.

Kaleo's private practice includes Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, medical Qigong, and hypnotherapy.

Kaleo and Elise have coauthored “The Creative Art of Living, Dying & Renewal,” "Chi and Creativity,” "Qi and Grace,” and other books on Qigong and transformative art.

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