Donations for Ukraine

The following organizations have been vetted and are recommended by Kaiser Permanente (first three) and Elena Dorokina of Unity of Walnut Creek (Nova Ukraine):


Direct Relief International
DRI is distributing diabetes supplies, IV fluids, antibiotics, anesthesia, sutures, and cardiovascular drugs to benefit Ukrainian refugees, as well as combat application tourniquets, bandages, and oxygen inside the country in anticipation of mass casualties from the war.
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World Central Kitchen
WCK is providing meals to Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries and to residents of Lviv and Odessa, Ukraine. They will continue to expand the number of meals served in the coming days and weeks. WCK has provided more than 60 million meals to disaster victims around the world in the past five years.
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Global Empowerment Mission
GEM is relocating 100,000 Ukrainian refugees who are currently in Poland as well as providing food, general supplies, hygiene kits, and medical supplies. Donations will allow the organizationto expand services and pay for transportation from Poland to other nations so refugees will have stable shelter with friends and family.
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Nova Ukraine

  • Nova Ukraine is coordinating efforts in these main directions:
  • Refugee Assistance Europe and US Evacuations; food and clothing supplies sourcing in the EU, legal assistance, finding hosts for refugees arrived in the US.
  • Partnerships' extension and scale across the globe, especially in the EU
  • Medical Supplies. Many sources are exhausted in the EU so we are sourcing from the US
  • Raising awareness about events in Ukraine through collaboration with local state and municipal authorities including California Senator Alex Padilla.
  • Partnering with the Ukrainian volunteers and nonprofits on the ground to deliver humanitarian help to the places, groups of people and the cities that need it the most.

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