Expressive Arts From a Person Centered Person Centered Approach - Online

This is a self directed creative healing  practice with a facilitator holding space and gently offering  possible activities for the group. 

A big part of what makes the practice so powerful is the self-directed part. 

Here is what people need to have available to participate: 

  • Paper of any size preferably 81/2 ×11 or larger.
  • Markers, colored pencils, crayons, pastels and /or paints -anything that will allow for use of color.
  • Pen or pencil for writing. 

As desired/ optional:

If people have glue stick or elmers glue and images for collage - old magazines that can be cut up, colored paper, pictures , stickers, clay  , and glitter/ glitter pens these can be helpful as well for further self expression although not required.

Also offered will be using gentle movement.