Hear Jan and J.D. in Concert

With Award Winning Singer/Songwriters

Jan Garrett & J.D. Martin

Friday, February 7, 2020 • 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary

$25 in advance (Unity patio/bookstore/online) • $35 at the door


Jan and J.D. will also provide the music and deliver the message at both sevices on Sunday, February 9!

Universally uplifting and inspiring, Jan and J.D. defy borders and categories, embracing and celebrating all spiritual traditions and philosophical outlooks centered in the heart.

Their songs are deep and moving, fiery and funny, a feast of musical endorphins, lyrical depth, luscious vocal harmonies, and melodies that soar.

Enjoy a soulful ride, a velvet-hammer wake-up call reminding you that you’re already home.

CDs are available on their website: garrett-martin.com.


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