Heart and Mind Summit

Wednesday, November 29
7:00 to 9:00 pm in the Sanctuary
Part of the Year of Awakening to Wholeness and Happiness

  • What are the qualities of the heart and mind that incline us towards joy?
  • How do I access my inner wisdom, peace, joy, and strength?
  • How do I live from the wisdom of my heart and mind in these challenging times?
  • How might I live differently, by feeling an innate trust in my intuition, also known as heart wisdom?
The final summit of 2017 promises to be a very rich, informative, and interactive evening taking you deeper in understanding the ease of achieving a sense of greater peace and happiness. Our exciting speakers Toni Roberts, Ernie Isaacs, and Nancy Ferracci will share their wisdom and expertise as they lead activities that connect you to your heart and mind to promote wholeness, healing, and happiness in yourself and others. Their shared insights, knowledge, and practices will help add peace and joy to your holiday season.
Toni Roberts began a long love affair with the world’s religions and cultures at the age of seven. She discovered HeartMath® in 1991 and never left. Toni is on the Board of Directors of HeartMath Institute, is an ongoing consultant for HeartMath LLC, and a pioneering HeartMath® coach. She has taught HearthMath® on a monthly basis at Unity of Walnut Creek for twelve years.
Ernie Issacs is a Buddhist meditator since 1977 and teacher of weekly a meditation groups since 1989. He completed the Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s teacher training program in 2001. Ernie is a psychotherapist in private practice in the East Bay. He has led a Unity group on Tuesday evenings for over ten years.
Nancy Ferracci is an Intuitive, who has spent many years cultivating her intuition. She earned a Master of Arts in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University, where she researched the role of happiness in health and wellbeing. Nancy is a Wellness Coach and Health Educator with Health Advocate, a national organization. She also has a private practice as a health educator, coach, and nutritionist.