Holiday Giving 2021

An astounding 1 in 9 residents have turned to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano because of hunger or food insecurity over the past three years – especially during the pandemic when many of our neighbors have been impacted by COVID-19 and the ongoing recession.

There is a barrel outside the Book Store. To share your abundance by donating food items, just put any non-perishable items into the barrel and help the Food Bank get it into the hands of our food-insecure neighbors! The barrel will be picked up over the week of December 19, so let’s fill that barrel!!

Here is a list of the most-preferred items:

No time to shop or wish to do more? Unity is also running a virtual food drive! Please click here ( This link will remain open after the Holidays.


Monument Crisis Center serves some of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. This has been a brutal year for people experiencing homelessness. Not only are people still trying to get back on their feet after losing their service industry jobs, but the shelters and service providers have either been forced to reduce their capacity or shut down altogether.

The simplest items can make the lives of people experiencing homelessness just a little better. Much-needed items are:

• Tarps

• Sleeping bags

• Pull-along shopping carts

• Blankets

• Socks

• Diapers and wipes

• Blankets – even small fleece blankets for the kids

• Travel sized toiletries

There is so much need in Contra Costa County. Please help our brothers and sisters most in need with a little comfort this year and put donations in the receptacle marked for Monument Crisis Center.

Huge thanks - and kudos - to Susan Angelos

for organizing these two holiday giving programs!