Lessons in Truth With Ron Salazar - Online

In her book, Lessons in Truth, Dr. Emilie Cady lovingly teaches that we can transform our lives through thoughts, words and beliefs, thus growing in awareness of the God within and bringing forth greater personal empowerment.

Studying the Cady book in this class will give you a deeper spiritual understanding of the Unity Principles that say there is only one power in the universe, a loving God, the substance of All Good, and that we are God’s children, “the fullest and most complete expression of God.”

As you examine these Truths and practice the tools of affirmation, affirmative denial, and meditation, you’ll begin to discover your spiritual gifts are not yet manifest.

Your leader is Ron Salazar, a Licensed Unity Teacher and a truth student for 30 years. On his journey he discovered that many paths lead to the same truth: We are Oneness with Divine Spirit.

This class is available for S.E.E. (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) credit through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. Talk to Ron if you’re interested.