The Magic of Sanskrit Mantras

With Leena St. Michael

Mondays, September 28 to November 2, 2020

7:00 to 9:00 pm

Registration will be Closed After October 5th


Discover Sanskrit chanting for physical, mental, spiritual, and world healing


We'll take the mystery out of Sanskrit and access the practical magic within some of the most ageless essential mantras in this introductory class.

We'll reveal the wisdom and medicine of at least five classical chants and experience their transformative power.

We'll learn to intone sounds properly to release the vibrational energy.

Mantras include Gayathri Mantra, Maha Mritjunjaya Mantra, Shanti Mantras, AUM, and more.

Leena St. Michael’s life is dedicated to spiritual transformation and making spiritual practice accessible and joyful. She is an Interfaith Minister, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and Agape Spiritual Practitioner licensed in 1995.

She has been chanting Sanskrit Mantras for 20 years. She has been mentored by internationally revered Yoga Masters: Amma—Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi and Baba Hari Dass—Mount Madonna Center-Schools of Yoga/Ayurveda. She authored The Happy Activist.


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