Mario's Love Project

Documentary Interviews
Sunday, August 12, from 1:00 - 2:00 pm in the Sanctuary
Mario ScharmerIf you have attended a Sunday service at Unity of Walnut Creek, you will know Mario Scharmer. He's the handsome gentleman with a headband who exudes love.
Mario’s mission is to heal the world by teaching people to “Wake Up and Be Love.” His yoga teacher Kelli Gayle is helping Mario spread his love by producing a documentary about Mario and how his love impacts each person he meets!
Members of the Unity community have a chance to express their feelings about how Mario has impacted their lives. Interviews will begin after the 11:30 service on Aug. 12 from 1:00 until 2:00.  
When Mario was 18, he was rescued from a terrible car accident by the Jaws of Life. He was considered brain dead upon arrival at the emergency room. He was not expected to live. Instead, after 141 days of hospitals and forty days of rehab, Mario came home. He wore diapers, couldn't talk, walk, eat, or move most of his body. It has been a difficult journey for Mario and his family, but inch-by-inch Mario has kept improving. He never gives up and through the love of his family and friends remains happy most of the time.
To support the making of the documentary, go to To follow Mario's journey, like the Raising Mario Twice page on Facebook.