New to Unity of Walnut Creek?

Welcome from Rev. Kristin Powell!

Something has inspired you to search for a spiritual home. 

  • Perhaps you have been on your spiritual path and wish for a group of like-minded people to share it with.
  • Perhaps you have been thinking for some time of finding a spiritual home that speaks to you or that will provide a spiritual foundation for your children. 
  • Perhaps you’re experiencing a health challenge or a loss of some kind and desire support.
  • Perhaps you’ve reached success in many areas in your life and still feel bored, restless or unhappy - or as if something is missing. 

Whatever your reason, wherever you are on your spiritual path, there is room for you at Unity of Walnut Creek. Open-minded and inclusive, Unity of Walnut Creek invites you into this spiritual community of friends who are committed to love, healing and peace.

To learn more about Unity of Walnut Creek's history, see the timeline.

It is a gift to find a community where people support you in your spiritual practices. At Unity of Walnut Creek, you can be who you are without judgment. You can know that others will love and appreciate you even when you are practicing the skills and learning the truth of who you really are. In turn, you can give the gift of holding a space of love and compassion as they also learn and grow in their spiritual awareness.

Your unique path will be honored. If that includes continuing to attend another church or synagogue, you will find support and understanding in our spiritual teachings, which are provided as inspiration for your journey rather than as dogma to accept. Your spiritual understandings are your own to unfold.

We welcome you and invite you in as our honored guest and friend.
Next Steps (How to Connect In)
Whether you have visited Unity of Walnut Creek or are just browsing the Internet, you are invited to find the support and information that you need. Here are some ideas to explore:
  • Explore the principles of the Unity movement.
  • Experience our Sunday services, in person or online, for messages in word and song that will speak to you and support you, right where you are on your spiritual journey. Focusing on universal truth, the Sunday talks pull from many spiritual traditions. You can also watch or listen to many past services.
    • If you have children, from infant to high school, they will be embraced and loved by our talented staff and volunteers in the programs for Children & Families and high schoolers. Near the end of the service, the children are brought to the sanctuary to be blessed by everyone in attendance.
    • After services, you are invited to come to the patio, have a cup of coffee or tea, visit the Welcome table for more information and allow us the privilege of welcoming you.
  • Attend a class or workshop, which are open to all. The classes and workshops explore a variety of ideas, spiritual practices, philosophies and healing modalities. They are a wonderful way to meet people in a smaller setting than at Sunday services. Most are offered on a love offering (donation) basis. You can also attend some classes online through Unity Worldwide Ministries.
  • Participate in one of our groups. Some of the groups are interest-based, such as the men's group. Others are small groups of people who meet regularly to support each other, such as the HeartMath groups. All are rich with opportunity for making life-long friendships, supporting and being supported in your spiritual growth and enriching your life.
  • Attend a Membership Class to learn more about Unity’s beliefs and understandings and to connect with the minister. Watch the Calendar, the Upcoming Events page, the Sunday bulletin and the newsletter Centerpoint for dates.
  • Come to one of our social events. Unity people love to eat, especially in community, so there is always great food, smiling faces and serious fun. Many of these events also raise funds to support Unity of Walnut Creek.
  • Join Unity of Walnut Creek on social media (see the footer) or start to receive the Centerpoint newsletter.

A few things you may wonder about:

  • How should you dress for Sunday services?
    • Dress casually or in your Sunday best, whatever you are comfortable in.
  • Is an offering taken?
    • An offering is taken and you are invited to contribute any amount you are called to give based on the value that you receive from your experience. Donations or tithes are never required.
  • Do you need to be a member to participate in events, groups or classes?
    • No, all classes, groups and events are open to everyone, whether you are a member or whether you attend services on Sunday mornings or not.
For questions or more information, please contact Unity at (925) 937-2191 or email the office.