One Simple Change Makes Life Easy

Part of the Early Spring 2019 Class Series
Tuesdays, March 12 through April 9, 2019
With Jennie Landfield  • 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Jennie LandfiledThe  e s s e n c e  of the mind is pure space, open and clear. We have, however, been trained to focus on the content of the mind – the “data streams” of thoughts, emotions and perceptions. Based on excepts from Balanced View’s book One Simple Change Makes Life Easy, this class will focus on the practice of completely relaxing in and as the vast awareness that is our true nature - spacious and free! For the benefit of all, we rest!
Jennie will share her direct experience of the ancient, simple practice of enjoying short moments of “open intelligence,” repeated many times, until inexhaustible wisdom, clarity, and natural compassion become effortless and continuous.
Jennie is a producer, writer and singer/songwriter who is a member of the Balanced View community, a global nonprofit organization that offers training in the true nature of mind. Guests from Balanced View will share their experience and answer questions. The book is not required reading, but would be helpful to have.  It is available on Amazon, and there is a free download at For more information, please contact Jennie.
Drop-ins are welcome; registration is not required. Classes are offered on a free-will donation basis (suggested donation $10 to $20). Classes are open to everyone; you do not need to be a member or attend Sunday services to attend the classes. If you have an access need, please let the office or teacher know.
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