Prayer Support

"Prayer reweaves the fabric of the universe." – Marianne Williamson

Positive, affirmative prayer support
Request prayer from our Heart Ministers

Whenever you need extra prayer support – perhaps when you are facing a difficult challenge, want to support a loved one or are full of gratitude for the good in your life – you can request prayer support from our Prayer Chaplains.

Prayer Chaplains are trained to pray with you and for you. When you request prayer support, a Prayer Chaplain will pray with you in person or by phone, email or mail. All of our Prayer Chaplains will also pray for you for seven days, and then your request will be forwarded to Silent Unity for 30 more days of prayer.

Your request is a sacred trust and will be kept confidential.

There are many ways to request prayer support:

  • Complete the online prayer request.
  • Find a Prayer Chaplain after Sunday services. They can be identified by their lilac stoles and name badges.
  • Include your prayer request on the Connecton Card during Sunday services. 
  • Fill out a pre-printed form and place it in the prayer request box. Forms can be found in the sanctuary entryway and the Welcome Center.
  • Send an email to
  • If  you have access to Unity Connects, fill out the online prayer request by going to the More tab and then Forms.
  • Mail a written request to:  Attn: Prayer Request, Unity of Walnut Creek,1871 Geary Rd., Walnut Creek, CA 94597.

In your request, you can give your full name, just your first name or remain anonymous. Please state the best way to contact you (by email, phone or mail) and provide your contact information. If you would like to be contacted by phone, provide the best time for a Prayer Chaplain to call you.

Silent Unity

We will pray with you any time of the dayIf you have an immediate prayer request, call Silent Unity at 800-669-7729 (800-NOW-PRAY) to have a trained prayer ministry associate pray with you right now. Silent Unity provides prayer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to people of all faiths from around the world. 

Silent Unity is a worldwide prayer ministry that, for more than 120 years, has been in continuous prayer. Through times of war, peace, depression, and prosperity, the prayer vigil in Silent Unity’s chapel and the brightly shining beacon atop its cupola have continued uninterrupted. 

You can also listen to meditations read aloud in the Silent Unity chapel, relax into guided meditations, and find affirmations on healing, prosperity and inner peace.