Spiritual Counseling

“When I seek inner guidance, I open my mind and heart to Spirit. I act on the divine direction I receive, which leaves me feeling relieved, confident and more aware of my Inner Guide.” – Daily Word

Support when you need itThere are times in our lives when we all need help. Whether you are seeking guidance for making a change or meeting a difficult challenge in your life, you can find the help you need through spiritual counseling, life coaching or HearthMath® personal training.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling can help you discover the spiritual gifts hidden within experiences that challenge you, transform frustrations into opportunities for spiritual growth, and build an awareness of your connection with God.
Spiritual counseling is offered by our ministers for a short period of time on a love offering basis. For an appointment, contact the Ministerial Assistant.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is available for longer term support from certified life coaches who subscribe to Unity principles and beliefs. In addition to being active members of Unity of Walnut Creek, the founding coaches have a wealth of experience and wisdom from a wide spectrum of spiritual practices and disciplines.
Through your work with a life coach, you will experience accelerated learning and increased awareness and perspective. Your self-limiting beliefs will have less impact in and on your life. You coach will help you explore:
  • What would it be like for you to view yourself as creative, resourceful and whole?
  • How would your life be different if you trusted that the answers to all of your questions were within you? 
  • How confident would you be if you knew how to tap into this inner wisdom? 
Contact the office for a list of coaches.

HeartMath® Training

HeartMath provides an excellent set of tools for efficiently releasing stress, enhancing health, increasing mental clarity and accessing inner peace. 

Personal training is the most effective way to learn HeartMath techniques. Licensed HeartMath coaches will train you, by phone, how to apply these transformational tools in your life.

See the HeartMath page for more information about HeartMath and the Directory for a list of licensed HeartMath coaches.