A Storybook for Adults and Other Children

For Mental Health Professionals, Teachers, Families 

Author Event  •  Sunday, October 6, 2019  •  1:00-3:00 pm in the Bookstore

With Jerri Curry, Ph. D.

Connecting with your inner child contributes to spiritual and social growth.
Our mission in life is to learn and love, and do it with the openness and innocence we once had as children. 
So leave your adult public persona at the door and let your inner child emerge as Jerri helps you explore social themes from the nine metaphors in her book.
Themes include diversity (feeling marginalized), self-esteem (self-value), releasing fears (trusting yourself), identity-purpose, connections-separations (love and grief), competition and being in the moment (mindfulness).
Jerri is a member of Unity of Walnut Creek and has practiced Unity principles for 30-plus years. She a licensed marriage and family therapist, a forensic psychologist, and a certified alcohol and other drug abuse counselor. Her book has received the Award for Excellence from the Indie Fest Film Festival, one of the 100 largest film festivals in the U.S.