Vision Board Workshop

With Kathryn Remati
Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm
$25 through September 5 or $30 at the door
Kathryn RematiVision BoardIt’s time to move forward toward the dreams that are in your heart!
Unleash your creativity and subconscious mind as you build a board that represents your goals and passions in a fun, interactive way. 
You’ll begin with a short, powerful guided visualization to add clarity to your desires and feeling to your visions. With your intuition activated, you’ll choose images from magazines. Then the clipping, gluing and fun begins!
Included in the admission is a poster board, stacks of magazines, glue sticks, scissors, fun music and snacks. Bring personal pictures and images with you if you’d like. It usually takes three hours, but participants may leave at any time.
Place your intention into the pond of pure potentiality to create a ripple of results that enrich your life.
Kathryn Remati is a Certified Meditation Instructor. For more information, email her.