Vision, Mission and Core Values

A beacon of light

Since 1948, Unity of Walnut Creek has inspired and cared for people like you on their journeys toward awareness.

Young, old, singles, couples and families with children are all honored for who they are: unique expressions of God.

For more of Unity of Walnut Creek's history, including pictures of the sanctuary through the years, see the Unity of Walnut Creek Timeline.


We envision a spiritually awakened world where all life thrives in conscious Oneness. 


We are a loving, inclusive community, expanding and living our Divinity, in sacred service for all.

Core Values

We strive to express the following values to the fullest of our abilities. Together, we work to embody these values in our relationships with ourselves, with others, with the Earth, and with the Divine, which we call God.


Love is our essence. It is often experienced as compassion, harmony, generosity and wholeness. As Divine Love expresses through us and as us, we increase our capacity to give and receive love. 


Connection is a pathway to Oneness. We are whole in body, mind, and spirit. All people, all living beings, the Earth and cosmos are one with the Divine. We welcome diverse expressions of Life to come together, share a sense of belonging, and remind one another of our Oneness.


Service is Love in action. We share our gifts with joy, gratitude, and compassion. We are attuned to our world and co-create a planet of equality, kindness, and wholeness.


Wisdom is Divine knowing. We open to God's guidance through prayer and meditation, and act from Divine inspiration and integrity. Together, we listen, share, and grow in understanding. We honor the wisdom in all spiritual paths and use the five guiding Unity principles.
Five Unity Principals:
  1. God is absolute good and everywhere present.
  2. Human beings are Divine in essence.
  3. We co-create life through the power of our thoughts and feelings.
  4. Prayer and meditation are key spiritual practices.
  5. It’s not enough to know these Truths; we must also practice the principles through prayer and meditation, then in every thought, word and action. 

We take action by living these.

Please help maintain a “pressure-free zone” at Unity of Walnut Creek. Most people have causes, views (such as politics) and perhaps businesses that are important to them. While sharing what is meaningful to you is part of building relationships, you are asked not to sell or ask for support for your causes or businesses. In this way, while at Unity people can step away from their professional and social worlds and enter a community dedicated to spiritual support. For more information, please contact the office or (925) 937-2191.