Yes, You Can!

Part of the Early Spring 2019 Class Series
Thursdays, March 14 through April 11, 2019
With Dimitry Doronkin • 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Dimitry DoronkinHave you ever tried to achieve something and failed? Do you possess a lifelong dream that you never had a chance to fulfill? Do you have the courage to look at your life from a different point of view and rediscover yourself? If your answer is Yes, then this class is for you!
Spend five short evenings on a spiritual journey to discover the new reality you are living in, and to find answers to three main questions for any desire you may have:
  • Why do you want it?
  • How do you get it?
  • What will happen after you get it? 

​Dimitry Doronkin started his conscious spiritual journey in his early twenties after he got “the best atheistic education in the world” in Soviet Union High school and college. After he attended numerous Christian congregations and studied different Eastern religions and philosophies, his spiritual search brought him to Unity. He became a member of Unity of Walnut Creek in late 2015, and now serves on the Board of Trustees. The “Yes, I can!” attitude was one of the driving forces that got Dimitry and his family to the US in 1999 and helped them thrive through ups and downs.

Drop-ins are welcome; registration is not required. Classes are offered on a free-will donation basis (suggested donation $10 to $20). Classes are open to everyone; you do not need to be a member or attend Sunday services to attend the classes. If you have an access need, please let the office or teacher know.

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