Yoga For Emotional Liberation

Transform Internal Pain and Suffering • Reclaim Power and Joy

Saturday, December 7, 2019 • 10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Loss occurs for all of us, every day. Sudden or deep loss can activate unprocessed grief from past losses, causing a cascade of sadness and other overwhelming emotions. 
Cumulative grief – unresolved grief in the body – can show up as exhaustion, depression, apathy, and anxiety.
Through movement, breath and sound, this class can help you express and release stagnant emotions that get trapped in your body when your heart is grieving. 
Led by Carla H. Brown, you will bring awareness, expression and connection to unspoken, unfelt emotions and release them through the body without any words. 
In a loving, safe setting, we will witness and compassionately support each other to feel and heal. You are there for your own healing and liberation. Just be present, witness, and allow the body’s wisdom do what it knows best.
In this high-tech / low touch society we live in, Yoga For Emotional Liberation offers a place of big heart and deep connection that can give you welcome relief and peace.
This Non-Traditional Yoga Helps You Feel More Fully Alive!
Carla H. Brown is a Certified GriefYoga Teacher, Reiki Master, intuitive energy practitioner and Laughter Professional who was drawn to this powerful yoga practice through her own experiences of heartache and renewal. See more at
Admission: $40 at the door.